Dunedin Airport respects and protects the privacy of all people we deal with and who provide us with information. This policy sets out our approach to the privacy of personal information and is based on the principles expressed through the Privacy Act 2020.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Dunedin Airport collects, holds and uses personal information from the following groups of people:

  1. Customers;
  2. Members of the public;
  3. Employees; and
  4. Business relations.

Data collected may include:

  1. Location and movements in public areas of the airport and its close surrounding, (via CCTV footage);
  2. Vehicle licence plate numbers
  3. Conversations with our staff, agents or other persons, which may be required;
  4. Email communications, and your written and verbal interactions with us or our staff;
  5. Number of visits to the airport;
  6. Image (via photograph or film) as you move around our property; and
  7. Use of our social media platforms.

This information is required for lawful purposes used in the functioning of the Airport. We will hold your personal information in accordance with the requirements set out in the Privacy Act 2020. In particular:

  1. Your personal information will only be used for the purposes for which it is collected. 
  2. It will be retained only for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes for which the information was collected (including any time that we are required by law to retain such information). 
  3. We will not release your personal information to any third party except where required to, permitted to, by law, and where you have authorised us to do so or where disclosure is connected to the purpose for which information was collected. 

For more detailed information about the Privacy Act you can refer to the Privacy Commissioner's Guide to the Privacy Act 2020. If you are concerned that the Airport may have breached the Privacy Act or if you are not sure of our obligations, you can contact the Privacy Commissioner as follows:

How Dunedin Airport Collects Your Information

Personal data will ordinarily be collected directly from you when you interact with us over the phone, through email or letter, via our website or apps, when you personally meet with one of our staff or agents or where you use our services. By interacting with us, you authorise us to use your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 

We may also collect personal data:

  1. By recording conversations you have with our staff, agents or other persons on our property;
  2. Through the recording of your image on CCTV footage in and around Dunedin Airport; 
  3. When you submit an application for employment or contracting opportunities with us;
  4. When you subscribe to any Dunedin Airport newsletters, participate in surveys, competitions or promotions; 
  5. By filming, or taking photographs, of you on or around our property (which may be used in our marketing materials). 
  6. When you access any of our retail systems;
  7. When you log into our terminal wifi; and
  8. Through the use of cookies and usage monitoring software when you use our website and apps. 

There may also be occasions when we collect your personal data (in accordance with this Privacy Policy) from a third party, such as: 

  1. Where you have authorised this;
  2. A publicly available source;
  3. A government department, body, or law enforcement agency (in relation to security matters);
  4. An airline or retail outlet;
  5. A service provider; or
  6. Third party providers of cookies and other online tracking systems. 

When we receive personal data from a third party, we will process, retain and use that data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 

How Dunedin Airport Uses Your Information

Dunedin Airport may use your information:

  1. To provide you with personalised content, services or facilities;
  2. To process and respond to inquiries;
  3. For the purposes for which you provided the information.
  4. To comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  5. For any specific purpose that we notify you of at the time your personal information is collected.

Storage of Personal Information

We have strict security procedures covering the storage of your information in order to prevent unauthorised access and to comply with the terms of the Privacy Act 2020.

We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. All data is stored behind corporate firewalls and only specific employees can access your personal data. DIAL has in place measures to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of your personal information. Our servers are protected by reasonable physical and electronic security measures.

This means that sometimes we may ask you for proof of identity or for other personal information before we can process your enquiry further.

DIAL Website and Cookies

You may browse and access information contained on our website without providing personal information.

This website does not use cookies to collect or store personal information.

Security of web-based personal information

A secure method using SSL (secure socket layer) encryption is used when customers use for services such as e-shop.

Links to Third Parties

The website may contain links to other websites operated by third parties.  The DIAL takes no responsibility for the privacy practices of third parties.  You should consult the privacy policies of each linked website to determine the policy that each third party adheres to.

Website Data

This website may record information about user behaviour.  This data cannot be used to identify individuals or any personal information.  Any information collected will be used to improve your website experience and will not include any information that identifies you.


CCTV is operated to improve safety and security of passengers, staff, tenants, air operators, contractors and airport facilities. 

Any staff incidents or misconduct detected by CCTV will be handled in accordance with their individual employer's Behaviour and Disciplinary policy. 

Any criminal activity detected by CCTV will be forwarded to New Zealand Police for investigation. 

The placement of the CCTV equipment will not unreasonably intrude on the privacy of individuals. 

Signage advising of CCTV equipment will be installed in places to give individuals clear warning before they enter any area covered by such equipment. The signage will also direct people to this policy. 

CCTV footage will only be viewed by authorised personnel who have first sort permission of the Privacy Officer. Footage will be viewed in accordance with the purpose of the cameras as detailed above. 

CCTV footage will be recorded and kept for approximately 90 days and then deleted. Where an incident or suspected incident has been identified, and with the approval of the Privacy Officer, a portion of the footage is to be retained for resolving that incident. 

Access and editing personal information

At any stage, you have the right to access and correct or update your personal information or to request not to receive communications from us.  This can be done by contacting us by email reception@dnairport.co.nz or by phone on 03 486 2879 ext 3.  It is your responsibility to ensure that personal information provided to us is accurate.

CCTV Recording Requests

If you need to access recordings from our CCTV cameras, you will need to follow the 'release of recordings' process. The DIAL Operations team manages the release of recordings and will help you with the process. 

The request must come from a person in a management position in the organisation including the following details:

  1. Exact location plus time and date the recording took place. Description of the incident/event including persons or vehicles involved etc. 
  2. Reason for requesting the release of recordings. 

Changes to this Privacy Policy

From time to time, at our discretion, we may change aspects of our Privacy Policy with or without notice to you.  All changes will be posted on this page so that you are always aware of how we are handling your personal information.  If you have any further questions relating to this Privacy Policy, please contact us through the website enquiry form or phoning 03 486 2879 ext 0.

Further information and complaints

For further information about this Privacy Statement or if you think that we have breached our obligations, you may make a complaint to our Privacy Officer by writing to reception@dnairport.co.nz



Private Bag 1922

Dunedin 9054

Telephone: (03) 486 2879 and press 3

You can also call the Privacy Commissioner's privacy hotline: 0800 803 909.