Dunedin International Airport Limited (DIAL) is a publicly unlisted company, established under the Airport Authorities Act 1966, and incorporated in 1988.

The two equal shareholders are the Crown and Dunedin City Holdings Ltd, which is owned by Dunedin City Council. They took over the airport’s assets from the Dunedin Airport Authority in 1989. In 1999, the airport’s name was changed to Dunedin International Airport Limited.

DIAL is a highly diversified operation with multiple sources of income. It contributes an estimated 1.5% of the region’s GDP and, directly and indirectly, provides employment for more than 250 people.


The company’s principal activity is the operation of Dunedin International Airport. Land adjacent to the airport, held for possible expansion, is dairy farmed in partnership with a sharemilker. A small residential housing estate adjacent to the airport provides rental income.



Airport Charges Schedule for Dunedin Airport


Dunedin Airport is required under the Airport Authorities Act 1966 to consult with its substantial customers prior to changing prices for certain services. This process has been completed and we have made our pricing decision under the Act for our landing and terminal charges for the 2017 - 2020 pricing period. These prices are effective from 1 July 2017.


101 George St


Gallaway Cook Allan
276 Princes St


Audit New Zealand
Level 1, 399 Moray Place
PO Box 232

Financial Reports

Title Year Filesize
Annual Report 2018 2.6 MB Download
Disclosure Financial Statements 2018 5.3 MB Download
Annual Report 2017 2.5 MB Download
Disclosure Financial Statements 2017 5.9 MB Download
Annual Report 2016 2.3 MB Download
Disclosure Financial Statements 2016 5.2 MB Download
Annual Report 2015 6.9 MB Download
Disclosure Financial Statements 2015 3.6 MB Download
Annual Report 2014 1.3 MB Download
Disclosure Financial Statements 2014 838 KB Download
Interim Report 31 Dec 2014 645 KB Download
Annual Report 2013 1.1 MB Download
Disclosure Financial Statements 2013 812 KB Download
Interim Report 2013 671 KB Download
Statement of Intent Year ended June 2012 125 KB Download
Annual Report 2012 2 MB Download
Statements of Financial Disclosure 2012 3.4 MB Download
Interim Report 2012 470 KB Download
Summarised Report 2011 419 KB Download
Annual Report 2011 440 KB Download
Interim Report 31 Dec 2011 570 KB Download
Summarised Report 2010 306 KB Download
Annual Report 2010 1.7 MB Download
Interim Report 2010 208 KB Download
Summarised Report 2009 175 KB Download
Annual Report 2009 2.1 MB Download
Summarised Report 2008 258 KB Download
Annual Report 2008 572 KB Download
Interim Report (Dec 08) 2008 161 KB Download
Annual Report 2007 263 KB Download
Interim Report 2007 179 KB Download
Annual Report 2006 2.4 MB Download
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