Dunedin is a security-conscious airport. To ensure no prohibited items are taken on board passengers’ carry-on luggage is screened.

Prohibited items

Carry-on baggage restrictions differ for domestic and international passengers.


  • Sharp objects or cutting implements including (but not limited to): knives, box cutters, letter openers, scissors, tradesman's tools, screwdrivers, darts and knitting needles.
  • Sporting goods or club-like items including (but not limited to): baseball bats, pool cues, golf clubs, lacrosse sticks, ski poles, brass knuckles, hammers, boomerangs and didgeridoos.
  • Lighters including butane, absorbed-fuel (Zippo type), battery powered and novelty lighters.


  • All liquids, aerosols or gels such as drinks, creams, perfumes, sprays, gels, toothpaste, lip gloss and mascaras must be in individual containers not greater than 100ml in volume.
  • All containers must be carried in a re-sealable transparent plastic bag no larger than one litre (approximately 20cm x 20cm or 8 inches x 8 inches).
  • Only one bag is permitted per passenger.
  • The plastic bag must be sealed and presented separately from all other carry-on baggage at the screening point.
  • Liquids in containers of more than 100mls can be packed in your checked in baggage.

There are exemptions for personal medications, baby products and dietary supplements in liquid, aerosol or gel form.

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